Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Places to visit in Bangkok with kids

If you have moved to Bangkok or planning to go, you would be surely pleased with transportation facilities for their cost and cleanliness. It has many transportation facilities such as Taxis, Uber cars, MRT subways, skytrain, motorcycles, long-tail boats, and many more. 

Now as you have come to know that there are plenty of excellent transport facilities, why not explore few great places in Bangkok to go with your kids. While creating the list, help was taken by local Thai people to give you some amazing places to go.

MyCity4Kids has brought a list of 25 Places You Must TakeYour Kids To In Bangkok. Go-Read & Travel as much as you can. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Best Places To Learn Pottery In Bangalore

If you think your child is creative enough and has the potential to groom even more, then pottery is one of thing your child would love to learn. Learning pottery does not only provide entertainment and fun, it also gives freedom to express, gain in self-confidence, improving motor skills and many more. 

Are you excited and want your child to develop all these skills along with entertainment? No worries, MyCity4Kids has come up with a list, where you will find places to learn pottery in Bangalore. 

Please find the list below – 

  • Clay Station
  • Konsult Art Academy  
  • Gopni  
  • Pottery Town
To get detailed information about these place, visit this blog - click here

Best Prenatal Classes In Mumbai

The parental feeling is one of the sweetest feelings we ever have, but it also comes with many questions and worries for parents.

If you search for your queries online, you will get plenty of answers which confuses you even more. So what the solution is?

My City4Kids has curated a list of best parental classes in Mumbai. These classes have experts who may be doctors or certified childbirth practitioners. These classes will provide you plenty of necessary information, which you will need during pregnancy. 

Feeling excited and want to know more about best parental classes in Mumbai. Read this blog which will give you a lot of interesting information - Best Prenatal Classes In Mumbai

Happy Reading. 

Best Places To Learn Tennis In Ahmedabad

Outdoor games are not only good for your health; it also helps in gaining confidence. There are plenty of outdoor games and tennis is one of them. Although Cricket is majorly famous in India, but many children don’t like playing cricket. So why not let them learn and enjoy new outdoor game – like tennis.  

There are many benefits of learning tennis, such as coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and most importantly; it may give your child career path.

Do you want to give your child a new career path? My City4Kids has listed out best places to learn tennis in Ahmedabad. Have a look on this blog and get the details here

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bangalore - A Best Place to Learn Horse Riding

Whenever horse riding is discussed, we reach to the ancient time, where people used to ride horses during the war in their traditional costumes. It was a matter of pride for them those days, but now it has become the matter of skills.

Horse riding comes under adventure sport, which teaches you a lot of things such as balance, increase concentration level and enhance confidence. If you can skill yourself in this sport, there is a huge chance of representing for India in Olympics. Give your child, a new path of a career by choosing best centers for horse riding and Bangalore is one of the best places in India for learning horse riding. To know the best places for horse riding centers, click.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Fight for Asia Cup between India and Bangladesh in Final.

India is going to face off Bangladesh in final of Asia Cup at Mirpur, Bangladesh on 06th March 2016. The tournament was started between these two teams and will be ended against the same teams. India is undefeated throughout the tournament and won against Bangladesh (45 Runs), Pakistan (05 Wickets), Sri Lanka (05 Wickets) and UAE (09 Wickets) at the last. While Bangladesh won three matches out of four against UAE (51 Runs), Sri Lanka (23 Runs) and Pakistan (05 Wickets). Bangladesh merely lost against India. 

India Pakistan matches are known for rivalry even before the match, but now India and Bangladesh matches are also coming in the same way while keeping bitter memories of past. Past incident is yet fresh in both countries’ mind.   

It started since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarter-final. Bangladesh was chasing 201 against India and Tamim Iqbal played a shot towards the mid off and Kohli claimed a catch, on field umpire didn’t look so convinced and referred to the third umpire. Even after the clear view of clean catch, umpire had some doubt and gave not out decision to Tamim Iqbal. Kohli integrity was questioned in this incident.  

Team News;

Bangladesh Team – Bangladesh is surely going to miss their prime fast bowler Mustafizur Rahman in the Asia Cup 2016 final due to his side strain problem. Apart from this, BD team looks prominent in this Asia Cup. Their fast bowlers are taking wickets in powerplay and spinners giving them full support to strict the runs flow. Their batting is not dependant at one batsman; Sabbir Rahman, Soumya Sarkar and Mahmudullah Riyad are in fine touch and can score well against India too.

Indian Team – MS Dhoni is such captain, who doesn’t do so many changes in winning team. The chances are, India will come with the same team who played against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Bhajji, Negi and Bhuvi will make place for Ashwin, Jadeja and Ashish. Although Dhoni himself praised Bhuvi for his impressive bowling against UAE. Dhoni Said, "He is a hard-working guy". "He always works hard in the nets and also in the gym and I feel that's something that is important for the fast bowlers, to keep themselves fit and also take the break in the best possible manner. That has actually helped him increase the pace but at the same time, it has not affected his swing bowling.

Bangladesh cricketers are on cloud nine due to their recent performance and home support will give them advantage, but the other side India has won their last 9 matches out of 10 is ready to face the challenge.

Winning Mantra
“The Team who will keep their performance high and mind cool will win the game”. 

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