Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pretty Girl On A Rainy Day

Before kick off, Let me tell you that this is my first effort to write something like this, so I hope for appreciation.

It was a rainy day. Clouds were covering entire sky. Noise of rumbling clouds were threatening children. I was on my cherries Splendor Pro. Roads had become ocean. A dog was woofing on waste picker on the street and so many people were standing underneath a shelter and cursing congress for not doing anything good for the country as of now. It was long awaited rain, so my all concentration was on enjoying the weather. Cool breeze was kissing my face and raindrops were dripping on my cheeks. A little letter, I got my goose bumps.
                                                There wasn’t so much traffic on the roads, yet I was driving on a slow speed. All of a sudden, I saw a pretty woman. Her age should be around 22 to 25 years old. She was standing by the sidewalk and giving gesture to me to whoa. I somehow manage to stop my bike, because I was immerse in her beauty. She was breath-taking. Her hairs were blonde and spreading around her shoulders. Furthermore the fringe hairstyle enhancing her beauty immensely. She was tall and thin and her face was round. She had worn turquoise color salawar-kameej. There was hardly any spot on her face. I saw her head to toe. She was emphatically among the prettiest girl, I had ever seen. She broke my contemplation, when she asked me to drop her to the Rajeev Chowk Metro station. I was in dilemma that why did she stop me rather than took an auto? Before I could build up a mountain of questions in my thought, she brought me back on the Earth. She said, “I had been waiting for an auto for a long time, now I am getting late to reach my home. My mom would be really worried for me.” I understood her situation. I agreed to give her lift and she became the pillion driver. I did not want to lose such company, whether it was only for 10 minutes. We did not talk too much on that short journey, except exchanging our names. I asked her, “where was she heading?” She had to go on the opposite direction than me. I wished, perhaps we were on same direction. But sometimes happiness comes in your life for a very short period. I dropped her on destination. She greeted me with her precious smile and descended the staircase. In a few minutes later, she got vanish. I also headed towards the way of my home. Rain had stopped now. Number of vehicles had increased on the roads. Honk of vehicles were bothering everyone, but not me because I was wallow in thoughts of the pretty girl.

Hope you liked it.

Abhideep Roy