Thursday, 25 February 2016

World’s best rivals confronting one more time.

As India Pakistan names come together, rivalry itself follows it. There are plenty of issues, where there is no result between these two countries, but cricket is somewhere different. One has to win in this. But it is not that easy. Ground turns into battlefield, but weapons are bat and bowl. 

These two countries have played against 127 times including 5 abandoned matches. Pakistan has edge over India in total. Pakistan has won 72 occasions and India has won 51 occasions. The last time these two played against was on 15 February 2015 in Adelaide Oval. 

27th February 2016 (Saturday) is the day when these two will be facing each other once again, almost after 01 Year. As it is world known that Cricket never remains Cricket, when these two faces each other. It is not for winning and losing, although both countries fight for their pride. The entire world will be watching this game at the edge of their seats, whether in stadium or home. 

India started their campaign of Asia Cup with win over Bangladesh, but Pakistan is going to kick off their campaign against India, which is never easy. India is hot favourite for winning this game and lifting the Asia Cup. Afghanistan’s couch Inzamam-ul-Haq and UAE coach Aaqib Javed backing India for lifting the cup. Wasim Akram quoted in The Times of India “Yes, that’ll be a good game to look forward to and given the way India are playing right now, they’re clear favourites”. 

Although all the words and records are for paper. The team only wins, when they perform good on the day. 

P.S. I hope the best team wins tomorrow.


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    1. It may not be, but India Pakistan match can not be skipped.

  2. Great! Good Going...........You are in the field already, then why looking for new ways?

  3. Thanks Sachin. Your appreciation means a lot to me.

  4. Cricet is good game for fitnees your body. But it's not my hobby.