Sunday, 28 February 2016

Low Scoring Match Between India and Pakistan In Asia Cup 2016

Cricket is unpredictable game. Match is never over, unless final bowl is bowled or final run in made. These two are among the famous slang in Cricket. And yesterday match showed why people say so.

None would have thought, that this game will end up in this way (except India’s win). Population of two major Asian rivals were glued in front of TV, when India’s skipper Dhoni won the toss and opted to bowl.  The four from Hafeez lighten the face of entire Pakistan fans and it looked that batting is going to fire for Pakistan and they would score somewhere around 150, but then Nehra showed that what experience can do and what kind of caliber he has. The fourth ball of first over took more bounce and took an edge of bat and went straight to keeper Dhoni, who makes no mistake behind the wicket.
From there the Pakistan team started digging the grave for themselves. Fast bowling trio (Nehra, Bumrah and Pandya) were well supported by Spinners (Jadega and Yuvi). Remaining things were done by India’s cracking fielding. Combination of bowling and fielding left nothing for Pak batting and they ended up in 83. Sarfraz was the only batsman, who showed some patience and scored 25 runs in 24 balls with 03 fours.      

Now it looked like cakewalk for India, but wait! India-Pakistan match and no contest, it never happened in history and it didn’t happen yesterday too.
Mohammad Amir started bowling for Pakistan and huge appeal on very first ball, and wicket on 02 ball of the first over.

India was 2/2 and later 8/3 in 2.4 overs. India was in deep trouble. The match was ON right away. But India’s hope is always there till Kohli playing. On last two occasions, Kohli scored 100s and India won. But yesterday’s game was totally different, score was less and batsman just needed to stay on wicket and not to play rash shot. The same policy adopted by Kholi and Yuvi. They both stayed on pitch. Yuvi supported Kohli well and he scored 49 before getting an unfair decision from Umpire. But till the time Kohli got out, match was in India’s pocket. India was 76/4 in 14.1 overs. 8 run to win. Dhoni did what he is known for, finishes on his own style.  
 India won by 5 wickets and 27 balls to spare. At the end, match was not one sided, Pakistan lost but got some respect due to their bowling unit.

Man of the Match – Virat Kohli


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