Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Double Dhamaka in Cricket on Republic Day

26th January, 2016 was one of the best days for India in 2016. Indians were fulfilled with patriotic feelings, because we were celebrating 67th Republic Day. We remember our freedom fighters and pay tribute to them, because without their sacrifices, this day is unimaginable.   

With this happiness, two more good news followed us. Both were from Cricket field. Where early morning, Indian Women’s Cricket Team beat world’s number one Australian women’s Cricket Team by 5 wickets. With this win, India is ahead in T-20 tournament with 1-0 lead. This win put spark in Indian women cricket team as well as in Indians. Now India has advantage and can bring Australia in pressure.  
This was not enough for the day. Now Indian Cricket lovers had fixed their eyes on Men’s performance in Cricket. On the go, 4 losses in ODI had put India in shameful condition, but the win in last ODI lighten the way for Indian Cricket Team. The good thing of this win was that India will begin new format with win in their bank.
It is always beneficial to start with a win and it helped India to win their first T-20 against Australia in 3 Matches Series. Now India is one ahead in tournament. Explosive start from the openers, sturdy performances by experienced Kohli And Raina and power hitting by Dhoni in the end helped India to reach 188.
In reply Australia could only reach till 151/3. It means India won by 37 runs. Debunant Bumrah was again impressive with ball like last ODI. He claimed 03 important wickets.
So with this “Double Dhamaka” India finished their Republic Day.   

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